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The Block Alpha Difference. . .

We all know cryptocurrencies have awe-inspiring potential, even now, still in its early stages, Crypto has already created life-changing wealth for so many. Yet so few have had the opportunity to participate.

Our crypto journey began in 2016 and it has been a wild ride since then. We quickly learned the nuances of the Crypto market, and how different it is from traditional markets. Crypto trading offers a very deterministic ways to profit.

The technical mumbo jumbo, and trading jargon are not what you are here for, in fact, we avoid that. This is why we created Block Alpha, because the experts are always too busy to teach technical and fundamental Analysis, so we created Block Alpha, for our peers, who simply do not have the time to learn, or members of our family, who could not be bothered. Our founder, Brenton Naicker, believes passionately in simplification, and this expressed in Block Alpha.

So, no matter what your Crypto level of understanding is, Block Alpha is here for you.

And if you are keen on trading Crypto, Block alpha will provide you reliable, high quality, and actionable market calls, our Mobile app and dashboard, does it all – you just tap, tap, trade!

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